CEM, Sunday School & Ladies Meeting Anniversary 2012.


              By the mighty grace of God we were able to conduct the anniversary of CEM, Sunday School & Ladies Meeting for the year 2012 on Friday 21st December 2012.

              It started at 9.00 am with prayer followed by Psalms reading. The annual reports for the year 2012 for CEM, Sunday School & Ladies Meeting was presented by Br. George Mathews (Secretary, CEM), Headmaster, Sunday School & Secretary, Ladies Meeting respectively.

              Various programs viz. Welcome Song, Group Song, Choreography, Skits, Solo, etc were conducted by members of CEM, Sunday School & Ladies Meeting collectively and individually. Br. Rajan C Koshy & Sis. Sosamma Philip have given the felicitations. It was followed by Prize Distribution for the winners of CEM sports day, CEM programs, Sunday School Exam & Talent Test. The Ever rolling Trophy for 2012 was won by the tribe “Levi”. 

             About 170 members attended the meeting.  The program was winded up by Lunch by 1.00 pm. Thanks to God helping us to make our anniversary program a great success!





                                                   Sunday School Annual Exam - 2012

           By God’s abundant Grace, we were able to commemorate Annual Exam of our Sunday School on Friday 23rd November 2012 at 11.00 AM. 32 students wrote the Exam which was invigilated by our dedicated Sunday School Teachers. We take this opportunity to thank all the students who turned up and also the parents for insisting their children to become good stewards of His Church.

Talent Test - 2012

          Talent Test 2012 was conducted on Friday 19th October 2012 . Competitions were conducted for items viz. Solo, Verses recitation & writing, Story telling, Bible Quiz, Instrumental Music, Elocution & Essay Writing under Sub Juniors, Juniors, Intermediate, Seniors, & Super Seniors. Common Items were also there for Bible Quiz, Group Song & Classical Music. The program was conducted in 5 different Stages. About 125 members have participated the program.  

Family Seminar

      Family Seminar was conducted on Saturday 15th September 2012 at 6.30 PM. Pr.Reji Muledam presented the topic "Family". Praise and worship was led by "Sharon Choir". About 120 members attended the seminar. 



Musical Night - 2012

            Christian Evangelical Movement (CEM), conducted Musical Night- 2012 on Saturday, 16th June. The melodious eve which was held at  Abassiya. Welcome speech was made by secretary, George Mathew and vote of thanks was delivered by treasurer.


Sunday School First Term Exam - 2012

By the grace of God we were able to conduct the First Term Exam of our Sunday School on Friday 18th May 2012 at 11.00 AM. 32 students wrote the Exam which was invigilated by our dedicated Teachers. We would like to thank all the students who attended and also the parents for steering their children to our Lord's chosen path."







 Water Baptism at NECK


            By the grace of God Br. Binu Chacko & Sr. Deepa Eapen took water Baptism on Friday, 11th May 2012. Believers from our church witnessed the holy ceremony which took place in NECK premises at 7:00 AM.    



‘SHARON’, Ladies Meeting  - Seminar

        On 21st of April, 2012  a SEMINAR  was conducted by Sharon Fellowship Church, Ladies Meeting.  Dr. Molly Abraham, Ph.D (General Secretary - Ladies Meeting, Sharon Fellowship Church & Vice President of Doulos Theological Seminary, Aluva) presented the topic, ‘Spiritual Maturity’. Pastor’s and believers from different denominations attended the seminar.





                Each believer of ‘SHARON’ woke up thrilled and enthusiastic, for it was the awaited day of the year-picnic day. All boarded the buses at 7:30 am and after a while we could sense the heat of burning excitement that we have reached Khaitan family park. The scenic view we saw from the park was a splendid vista.

                    The programme started by prayer.  After our breakfast we stood united for group photo.

                The whole church was under four tribes, namely ‘Judah’,’ Levi’, ‘Ephraim’ &’ Manasse’. The tribes were led by Binoy Varghese / Abeena Shibu, Jayan Babu / Debi Issac, Kurian John/ Mary Christudas & Subi Mathai / Sigi Aby respectively.

               Sports & Games were kicked off by 250 Mtr race for women.   We started to celebrate each and every moment that was gifted to us during this wonderful picnic with various sports & games events like 100 Mtr race, Sweets Collection, Thread & Needle, Lemon & Spoon, Water Filling competition, Shot put event etc…  

                Blind games for male & female, sack race, and eating competition were only some of the fun filled events with which all our hearts overwhelmed with happiness.          Then we had the most awaited part of the day-TUG OF WAR. Everyone watched the events with great enthusiasm.

                We were welcomed by the cold breeze at the time of CEM annual Auction. After great lunch we started towards Shaab Park by 1:30 PM. Everyone had fun in rides & relaxed after hectic morning events. Soon the place became misty and it was time for us to bid farewell to Shaab Park. We boarded the buses alongwith our dinner with heavy

                We left with all the incredible memories we gathered out of this picnic.

                Hats off to CEM committee members……………..



The much awaited inauguration of SFC, Kuwait website was  held on     1st March 2012. Amidst of main worship service as all believers watched, Pr. unveiled the web add,    www.sharonkuwait.com  As the world becomes smaller, nearer, and faster with the new technologies, now we are also able to take part in the Lord’s ministry through the new channel. Br. Jacob Thomas & Br. Issac Philip were the mastermind in designing the website.



30th anniversary celebrations

The logo commemorating the 30th anniversary celebrations of Sharon Fellowship City Church in Kuwait. The ceremony was held in ‘SHARON’ Abbasiya on Thursday, Feb 16, 2012.







On 6th Feb, 2012  a SEMINAR  was conducted at ‘SHARON’ on the topic What is Spirituality? It was led by renowned theologian Dr. M. Stephen, BA, BD, MA, M.Th, Th.D. Pastor’s and believers from different denominations attended the seminar. 







Year Plan

           In the history of Sharon Fellowship Church, Kuwait a year plan was scheduled for first time this year by the Church committee on 2nd February 2012. 


2012 - '13 year plan



6th Mon

6:30 PM

SEMINAR by Dr. M. Stephen, Topic: 'What is Spirituality?

8th Wed

6:30 PM

Inauguration of Prayer Cell at Farwaniya


1st Thu

6:30 PM

Inauguration of Church Website


13th Fri

7:30 AM

CEM - annual picnic

21st Sat

9:00 AM

Seminar by Dr. Molly Abraham, Ph.D

Topic: ‘Christian Maturity’


12th Sat

7:00 PM

FTS - 6th Batch inauguration

18th Fri

11:00 AM

Sunday School Exam


16th Sat

6:30 PM

CEM - Musical Night


20th Fri

9:00 AM

Half Year General Body / Get Together


18th Sat – 23rd Thu

Forenoon / Evening

Fasting Prayer

24th Fri

8:00 AM

Common Worship


15th Sat

6:30 PM



19th Fri

8:00 AM

Talent Test


23rd Fri

11:00 AM

Sunday School Exam


21st Fri

8:00 AM

CEM / Ladies Meeting / Sunday school ANNIVERSARY

27th Thu –

Forenoon / Evening

Year Ending Prayer

31st Mon



24th Thu

6:30 PM

Annual General Body